Tuesday 22 May 2012

Have you heard of Boat-MumsNet?

Ok, so there's no such thing and if I created it I don't suppose it would have many members. But thanks to my blog I have met a few other boating mums like Joanne: So Joanne and I created a Facebook group called Boat Families. 

It's a place to share advice and knowledge relevant to parenting on board: From "Can I have a homebirth?" to "Where's my nearest canal-side pub with play area?" Ask questions, share photos, post events.

This group is mostly for families already living afloat. If you are considering moving onto a boat, the Residential Boat Owners' Association publication "Living Afloat" is an excellent guide to the practicalities. You can buy it at http://www.rboa.org.uk/merchandise. You might also like The Boatshed Guide to Living Aboard (free) and my own ebook "NarrowboatFamilies" which is also free. 

As we are appealing to a very small audience, I don’t suppose many of my readers are parents on boats. However, if you are, and you’re out there and you’re reading this, then know this much: you are not alone!

Apology to Mumsnet: I have edited your logo for comedy and entertainment purposes. I will not be using this ‘logo’ commercially at any point. I hope this is ok. For parents everywhere, I recommend Mumsnet for parenting advice, product reviews and more.

UPDATE: When I first had babies on board I was so lonely; continuously cruising without a community around me. So I started this blog to describe our adventures. Now the Boat Families Facebook Group has nearly 700 members! It has become a wonderfully supportive place full of valuable information... and I don't feel so alone! - Peggy (July 2018)

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