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My name is Peggy. I am a writer, blogger, virtual assistant, narrowboater, mother, poet and e-course creator.

After 13 years of living on a narrowboat I am now living in a cottage in Devon. Read more about that decision: A new direction.  

This blog is a three year archive packed with real life stories about my time spent living on a narrowboat with my husband and two young daughters. 

You could either dive in and read a random article, or grab yourself one of these free e-books to find out more about narrowboat life.

You can contact me through my professional website or find me on Twitter @Boat_Wife and Facebook.

About Me
“Not everyone can be the hypno birthin, boat motherin, poet performin, book writin, Peggy Peggin....

She’s trained in hypnotherapy, dermatology terminology, With animation, blogging to the nation, writing sensation, home birthing, hypno birthin, with no medication. Married, harried, waterways carried, it’s her life, she is da boat wife!” - Star Khechara

What's it all about?

Gongoozler's welcome! If you'd like to read about living aboard, narrowboat life, living on a narrowboat, is it cold in winter on a narrowboat? narrowboat families, the boating community, narrowboats for sale, narrowboat to buy, second hand narrowboat, continuous cruising, continuous cruisers, British Waterways, thinking of living on a narrowboat, children narrowboating, parents and narrowboating, cruising with kids, canals and kids, narrowboat poetry, being a mumpreneur, narrowboat books, narrowboat book reviews, narrowboat ebooks or books about canals and anything else about canals and inland waterways then this is the blog you are looking for!

The New Boat
About The Blog

The blog is Star's idea. She sent me a text in the summer of 2010 saying 'I'm just reading 'Agent Pegworth - Licensed to Cruise'. Why don't you write poetry anymore?'
I replied,
'Because I'm writing my memoir The Real Life of a Narrowboat Wife!'
 She wrote, 
'That's brilliant! You should start a blog called that - you might get a book deal, like that chick Wife in the North!'
I was about to retort with how unlikely it is that I could become one of these 'blogs to riches' stories whilst also being a hypnotic-motherin-multi-tasking maniac, but then I stopped myself. After all, you've got to be in it to win it. So here it is. My Real Life. On the inter-web. For all to see. 
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