Peggy Pegworth has been writing poetry since she was knee-high to a grass hopper. She was a prominent figure on the London performance poetry scene and a founding member of The Radge Poets, before ‘retiring’ to concentrate on her hypnotherapy business. She has been published in many small press poetry magazines, like The Delinquent and has had a poem featured in Volunteer: A Traveller's Guide to Making a Difference Around the World (Lonely Planet General Reference) by Charlotte Hindle (Painted Lines, page 173 Indian Volunteers for Community Service)

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“Of the many Corner nights I've put on, the word acts I've most enjoyed are Joe Cairo, Jon Wheeler, SP Howarth, Paddy's Uncensored Cabaret, "William Burroughs", Peggy Pegworth, the inimitable Jack Blackburn and the late, great Simon Monkhouse.”
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My poetry appears in Page 84 under my maiden name of Peggy Fussell - The Hairy Issue and as Peggy Pegworth in The Watery Issue.

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The Theakletuffin Poem

Written and illustrated by
Peggy Pegworth

In the reign of Mirklezar
The theakletuffin king
Times were hard for mirklims
And the Cumbleduffinbing

There were shortages of Slershernuff
And gooeydopper soup
All the mirklims had to eat
Was gootimirk and schloop.

In the secret garden of the Cumbleduffinbing
The gooeydopper grows and the slershernuffer sing
But the Cumbleduffinbing was rarely ever seen
Since he'd been snibbledorping with the theakletuffin queen.

“If only I could find him”,
Said the theakletuffin king
“I’d like to have a wordlet
With the Cumbleduffinbing.”

So the mirklims brewed a barrel
Of humpletwithleting
To stop the snibbledorping
Of the Cumbleduffinbing

And then filling up their humpleflasks,
A hardy band of three
Mirklims triffled off
Headed for Affleby-on-Sea.

By the Cambernooney Sea
Rested the Cumbleduffinbing
When the mirklims triffled up
With their humpletwithleting

They tied him up with morkel weed
He gave a cumble roar
With humpleflasks at ready
They pushed him to the floor 

They may be small and mirkish
But in threes they’re mighty strong
They gave him such a flask full
That the plan went twithle wrong.

So, the secret garden keeper
Was gurgledosed, and died.
The theakletuffin queen
Was so morose she cried

And flooded mirklim valley
With theakletuffin tears
So noone saw a slershernuff
For fifty seven years.

The moral of this story
Isn't hard to ascertain
Because random snibbledorping
Is such a deadly game

But mirklims take it too far
And everyone agrees
That the king should pass a law
To stop them triffling in threes.

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