Tuesday 6 June 2017

This ONE Creative Trick Will Make Your Business Stand Out

Logo: Bags by Jane
What does your Facebook cover image say about you? If you have a business page on Facebook you have only a few seconds to grab attention, stand out from the crowd and show potential customers a little taste of your unique personality. That's where a low-cost art commission can really make you stand out.

I've recently added art commissions to my services for business owners. I have a degree in animation and have been creating Facebook logos and cover images for various narrowboat businesses, and roving traders such as Mark the Diesel Wizard, Ronni the Witchcrafter and Bags by Jane.

Look now: Peggy Pegworth's amazing online art gallery!

I also create bespoke logos and artwork, such as illustrations, website images, social media images, wedding invitations, birthday gifts, and cartoons of your friends and family. Contact me now if you want to discuss an art commission for your business. Prices start at only £30. I am, of course, still freelance blogging too; Check out my latest articles for Fox Narrowboats.


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Facebook cover: Bags by Jane

Friday 24 February 2017

Free e-book: Narrowboat Families

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live on a narrowboat with children? Is it cold in winter? What if the children fall in the water? All of your questions answered!

Yes please! Give me my e-book!

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My name is Peggy. I am a freelance blogger, narrowboater, mother, and online teacher (at Monetise Your MP3s).

After 13 years of living on a narrowboat I am now living in a cottage in Devon. Read more about that decision: A new direction.  

This blog is a three year archive packed with real life stories about my time spent living on a narrowboat with my husband and two young daughters. 

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