Friday 24 February 2017

Free e-book: Narrowboat Families

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live on a narrowboat with children? Is it cold in winter? What if the children fall in the water? All of your questions answered!

Yes please! Give me my e-book!

About the Author


My name is Peggy. I am a freelance blogger, narrowboater, mother, and online teacher (at Monetise Your MP3s).

After 13 years of living on a narrowboat I am now living in a cottage in Devon. Read more about that decision: A new direction.  

This blog is a three year archive packed with real life stories about my time spent living on a narrowboat with my husband and two young daughters. 

You could either dive in and read a random article, or grab yourself one of these free e-books to find out more about narrowboat life. 

For freelance blogging services you can contact me through my professional website or find me on Twitter @Boat_Wife and Facebook



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