The Peg Project

This is Peg. She lives on a boat. One day, Peg said,
“Do you know, there’s over 2000 miles of canal network? I want to travel!”
“If that’s what you want Peg,” I said. “Then you should do it.”
I gave Peg to my friend who lives on a boat. I said,
“Peg wants to travel. She is a continuous cruiser. She must not stay in any one place for longer than 14 days. Unfortunately, Peg can’t write. Would you be able to write a brief update of what Peg gets up to while she is staying with you? You can write it as a comment on my website. 
Then pass Peg on to another boater so that she can continue her journey. You don’t have to write a comment on the website but after three months I will choose the best, most interesting or funniest story from Peg’s adventures and send that writer a £10 voucher for a bottle of wine. If you don’t do internet then feel free to send a postcard instead. Thanks so much for helping Peg achieve her travelling dream.”

Then I said,
“Off you go Peg. You only live once.”
And Peg went.

I wonder where she will go and who she will meet?


Loopy Lou and Whizzy too said...

Oh can we look after for a little while xxxx hope she reaches us on her travels xxx

Narrowboat Wife said...

I'm not sure which way she's headed, we'll have to keep an eye on her! ;-)
If she heads in your direction I'll let you know.