Tuesday 9 November 2010

Stealing Words From The Church

17th August

We stopped by the church hall to pick up leaflets and information about the church toddler group. When I got home I realised I had accidentally stolen the Roydon Parish News. I didn’t realise it was 50p. I found that this month’s letter from the parish priest was strangely applicable to our lifestyle.

“Four hundred years ago, a youngster growing up in Roydon would probably spend a lifetime living and working within the parish boundary. Only those with the financial means and an adventurous few would travel to London, let alone distant places. What changes we’ve seen, even in our own lifetimes!....”

She goes on to say that the church Flower Festival at the August Bank Holiday will have a theme of travel and explorers.

“The novelist, Robert Louis Stevenson, wrote, “To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive, and the true success is to labour.” I would like to think that those brave men and women who set out with high aspirations, but failed to achieve their ultimate goals, nevertheless believed that their hopeful travelling was rewarding in itself.”

She mentions a selection of explorers and travellers, both historical and biblical, and then goes on to ask,

“I wonder what it is that you are seeking when you travel – the sights, sounds and smells of your destination? The thrill of the new? The opportunity to be a different person, albeit for just a fortnight in the summer?”

“...Are you someone who travels hopefully? Do you feel you’ve arrived at some places you have consciously aimed to reach?...

...May God bless you on your life journey: your setting out, your labours along the way, and your arriving.”


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