Wednesday 15 December 2010

First Come First Served

Tuesday 5th October

The next morning I tried to call BW’s main switchboard again but I still got a recorded message about the Winter Moorings going live on 4th October, and then the phone system cut me off.
I made a packed lunch and embarked on the four hour journey home. Many kind Londoners (mostly women) helped me lift the heavy double pushchair, kids and luggage up and down countless stairs at the tube stations.

BW had still not returned my call by the time I got home, so I phoned them and got put through to the London office. The mooring officer is not at work this afternoon so she will be sent an email asking her to call me tomorrow. I was told that as Islington is a site where double mooring is permitted more space will be available to buy soon, so long as the craft that have already purchased mooring space are not wide-beams.
“So am I just supposed to log on and keep checking then? Because I cancelled travel plans yesterday to do this, as I know it’s ‘first come first served’. I’ve got two kids you know, I’ve got stuff to do! I mean, when you say it will be available soon, is that the next few hours or days?”
“Yes, I can see it is difficult, but I can’t tell you any more than that. The mooring officer is back in the office tomorrow and she will have a look at it then. But the system should send you an email if anything else gets put on the website. I will mark this email urgent for her, so that she can get back to you tomorrow.”
“Ok then, thanks very much.”

Barge Mum and Single Boat Mum were texting me asking if I got a winter mooring. I briefly explained what’s going on so far, and they agreed with me that it’s stupid! So I’m supposed to stay on line all day, with my slow Dongle mobile connection, just periodically checking my email and the BW moorings vacancies website. Humph.

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