Monday 28 March 2011

Are You Waiting There?

I wrote this exactly eleven years ago, the first time I lost a friend. Here it is for you, if you have ever lost someone. 

Photo credit: Epping Forest Burial Park Website

Are you waiting there?

Are you waiting there?
Under the grass
For one of your friends
To come strolling past
And burst into tears
And lay down some flowers
And lament over ancient
Forgotten hours
When you were alive
Having it large
Living so deep
That you would carve
Your memory in
To all of our hearts
Are you still there
Under the grass?

Or did you kick off
Your earth boots at last
And leaving your body
Feeding the grass
Soar into the ether
The everything space
And begin to exist
In all time and space
In between atoms
And out of existence
Returned to the source
And into the distance

A little bit here
A little bit there
A little bit me
And a little bit yeah
Giving it some
And having it large
All over the place
And up in the stars
You can try as you might
To just disappear
But I've a sneaking suspicion
That you're still kinda here!


Photo Credit: Epping Forest Burial Park Website


Izzy said...

That is beautiful, the most uplifting poem on mortality I have ever read.

Of course she is!

Narrowboat Wife said...

Thanks Izzy. Did you know Viv?

Alice said...

i love this poem, it made me think about a long lost friend of mine xxx