Wednesday, 20 April 2011

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Blogging On Board
This picture shows;
1) 'Cannot Display the Webpage'. This often happens when trying to communicate with the internet through a mobile dongle, when moored in the middle of rural nowhere.
2) Notebook I scribble all my thoughts in.
3) Child's cup shows how I multi-task mothering with blogging.
4) Keys attached to cork keyring - supposed to save the keys if they fall in the Cut, but probably too many keys on there now for that to work.

My blog is a memoir. A year ago I enjoyed reading a memoir of a woman who trained other women to work canal boats during the second world war. The Amateur Boatwomen – Eily Gayford
 I found the details of her day to day life a fascinating insight into a time gone by.
My family were planning on leaving London and cruising off into the sunset to explore the Kennett and Avon canal. I decided to write a diary that could one day become a book, to tell people what life aboard is like in the 21st Century and keep a record of our adventure. A friend suggested I turn it into a blog, and here it is! It is the notes for a book – and the book is nearly finished. It is a story about following your dreams. It’s a narrowboat journey. It’s a description of life as a 'continuous cruiser'. We never got to go down the K&A but we are still on a beautiful continuous adventure of discovering England’s waterways. 
I’ve found that I enjoy writing it and people keep reading it, so I’m going to keep blogging about my life and other narrowboating stuff and parenting stuff. It helps me to practice my writing and gives me loads of ideas for articles – and more books! I also really appreciate all of the comments and feedback that everyone gives me. 

What do you think of the story so far? Would you buy the book?

This post is for The Gallery. Every Friday 'top of the blogs' Tara Cain gives a prompt, an idea, a notion and bloggers go out and take a photograph using that prompt. Or use a photo they already have.
The prompt could be one word, an object, an idea, a phrase, anything, and you have to post a picture which you feel represents that prompt. Then you post it on your blog and write about it. Click below to visit Tara's 'Sticky Fingers' parenting blog and see what other bloggers are posting in The Gallery this week.

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