Wednesday 11 May 2011

Extraordinary Events

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From: British Waterways

Date: Thu, 5 May 2011

Subject: Extension to River Lee Mooring Management Plan consultation


As you know the River Lee Mooring Management consultation is due to end on the 9th of May. However, we’ve taken the decision to extend the consultation period until Tuesday 31st May. We’ve had an excellent response to date but in light of extraordinary events – notably the recent spate of public holidays and local elections – we want to ensure that all interested parties have ample opportunity to respond. 

Please circulate this information as widely as possible. 

Thanks and regards,

Project Officer
British Waterways

From: Caroline (Residential Boater)

Date: 7 May 2011

To: British Waterways

Dear Project Officer

I write in response to your decision to extend the consultation for a further 3 weeks.

Initially British Waterways proposed for the consultation period to end on April 4th 2011. Following two public meetings held, this was then extended to the minimum of 12 weeks, finishing on May 9th 2011.

At the final hour, British Waterways have decided to extend this to the 31st May 2011.

As you said in your email 05/05/11, you have had excellent response. I therefore ask you, why are you extending this consultation period further? What are the extraordinary events?

We have been in contact with moored boaters who informed us at least a week before your email dated 05/05/11 that you had contacted them to encourage them to provide feedback on the proposal.

We as 'London Boaters' are another stakeholder in the decision making, why have you not been in contact with us until now? Why did you selectively contact other stakeholders to encourage them to complete their proposal response?
This indicates British Waterways are being biased regarding stakeholder communication and preferred responses to this proposal.

I look forward to your response.

Caroline Neller

From: British Waterways

Date: 9 May 2011

Dear Caroline,

Thank you for your email. The extraordinary events were stated in the email. I’m disappointed that you feel we’re being biased as it’s definitely not the case. Contrary to this we simply extended the same courtesy to ‘other’ stakeholders as we had already done to both the LBG and UL&SBA. If you recall, we met with boaters’ groups on the 18th of March and encouraged responses. Indeed, Mark confirmed that you were getting as many people to write in, in their own words, their views of the proposals and possible alternatives and (if memory serves me correctly) I said words along the lines of ‘keep ‘em coming’! This is basically what we did when we met with other stakeholders. As with boaters’ groups, this is the only communication we’ve had with other stakeholders.

I should point out that we are also in the process of meeting with local authorities as well with the aim of developing closer relations in order to try to get residential mooring application viewed more favourably by their planning departments.


Project Officer

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