Wednesday 15 June 2011

The Doctor

I don’t usually publish pictures of The Doctor and the girls; I like the fact that they are anonymous on the blog; but I think that this picture retains their anonymity.

Have you ever done that thing where you write a wish list of what you want, to focus your thoughts and make it all come true? Once upon a time, after too many times tossed in a sea of stormy and unsuccessful romances, I wrote in one of my many scribbling books a list of the qualities I’d like in a perfect partner. I wanted someone passionate, interesting, and spontaneous with a real lust for life. It would also help if he liked narrowboating. Sometimes you hear love stories where the heroine finally realised that she knew her soul mate all along, but just didn’t know it yet. A surprise email from Friends Reunited, a lot of strange coincidences, and some time later I found myself travelling through space and time with my handsome Doctor and two perfect boat girls.

The Doctor is clever and playful, patient and loving and when he arrives home from work the girls scream like they’re at a Beatles concert and fall over themselves to fight each other for the first hug.
“My girls!” beams The Doctor proudly, and gathers both into his arms at once.
My Doctor, beams the Boat-Wife proudly.
They love his spaghetti bolognaise and the way he always has a good answer to questions about science, religion and philosophy. (What is God? How big is the sun? Do spiders have eyes?)
Baby Sister voices her appreciation by a happy cry of “Dad, Dad, Dad!” but Big Sister is more specific.
“I do love you this much Mummy,” (displays ‘this much’ with wide hands) “but Daddy is my favourite and best.”

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PippaD said...

What a great photo, a lot of love there :)

Jayne Howarth said...

What a great photo. Lovely piece, too :)

Unknown said...

very nice words. a lovely photo

Mamma Earthly said...

I could have almost written this! Beautiful, lovely story and lovely pic :) x

multiplemummy said...

Just lovely. A really beautiful tribute. x

Anonymous said...

love the words but I love the photo very much - it reminds me of Eros in Piccadilly. (am I weird?)

mumsarcade said...

Loving the photo but also hearing about your wonderful fella
I talk about another wonderful one over at

Narrowboat Wife said...

Thanks for all the kind comments. Eros Gemma? I can see what you mean :-)