Tuesday 30 August 2011

How to Make Money From Blogging

I wouldn't say that a blog can directly earn you money, but you can earn money through or with your blog. It takes a lot of time to build it up, and you need to increase your readership to about 100 visitors per day. However, once it's set up it can be a low maintenance passive income. My top 5 tips are,

1) Get more readers. Use Twitter and Facebook. Tara Cain (top mummy blogger) has written a great article for beginners, on how to use Twitter

Comment on other people's blogs daily. Join a bloggers network like BritMums. http://www.britmums.com/

2) Join eBuzzing. eBuzzing is a platform for bringing advertisers and bloggers together. Bloggers can monetise their blog by blogging in support of campaigns initiated by advertisers.

3) Affiliate marketing. I am a member of Amazon Associates because I love to read and write about books. You can select books relevant to your blog's topic. Like this: Have you read Narrow Margins by Marie Browne? It's about a family who move onto a narrowboat and refurbish it while living aboard.

4) Join the Ace Blogger free eCourse. It's a step by step guide to growing and starting a blog including using Facebook, SEO, favicons, gravatars, slideshows and more. It might sound technical but I found it was fun! (And I'm technophobic!)

5) Write great content. Write something unique to you. Write about your passions. Write regularly.

Take action now! Leave a comment below with a brief description of yourself and your blog. Some of the other people reading Narrowboat Wife may be interested in reading yours!

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Visit Become a Mumpreneur for free eCourses and more.

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allotmentmum said...

thanks for a helpful post - must put some tips into action now. Do you have any tips on creating extra hours in the day ? My blog is about kids, veg, the Unhusband and generally trying to keep my head above the compost heap. Just wish I had more time and tech skills!

Narrowboat Wife said...

I constantly battle with time management and getting things done. I read a good book about it: http://peggymelmoth.com/2012/02/28/how-to-get-things-done-without-trying-too-hard/

As for tech skills I pick them up online from blogs like Ace Inspire, iamtypecast.conm, GeekMummy.com and BritMums!

CountryWives said...

Thank you for the brilliant post, apart form anything else it's really positive and helpful. Two years ago three of us created CountryWives, http://www.countrywives.co.uk/ which is really a blog based on daily letters that we send each other to keep in touch after moving from London to various parts of England. It's full of tips, recipes and sometimes silliness with a guest blogger called Backpacking Granny who started two weeks ago. Once again thank you for the post and hopefully we can stay in touch. Ellie

Narrowboat Wife said...

Wow, what a great idea for a website/blog. I popped over to visit and it looks great. I've also moved out of London to the country as have all my mummy friends. Your project is such a lovely way to keep in touch.