Monday 3 October 2011

Magpie Monday

I'm so excited that on 9th October I'm going to learn how to paint roses and castles at the London Canal Museum.

I went to a couple of charity shops and bought this green metal tub to paint roses on, and a big tea tray to paint a castle on. I need to white-wash over those birds on the tea tray.

The folk art of roses and castles was traditionally painted on the narrow boats themselves and their fixtures and fittings such as the water cans. They were traditionally on the cabin doors and the side of the boat next to the name of the boat owner or carrying company.

Although at one time it was thought the painting style came from gypsies, that was later found to be untrue, and the origins of the art remain unclear.

I'll be posting up new pictures of my artistically transformed objects when they're done.

I'm linking this post up to Miss Lizzie at Me and My Shadow blog, where other bloggers  have written about cool second hand stuff they have found.

Me and My Shadow

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