Monday 6 February 2012

Now I'm a Page Three Girl!

Who'da thought it, but my latest article is on page 3 of the January issue of Towpath Talk.
I met another boater on the towpath a while back, who said,
"Did you hear a couple of loud bangs the other day? They found a couple of unexploded bombs on the Aylesbury Arm!"
A little bit of investigating later I had come up with my 'scoop'!

Unexploded Bombs on the Aylesbury Arm

Several unexploded World War II bombs were discovered near Dixon's Gap Bridge on the Aylesbury Arm of the Grand Union in early November. The British Waterways maintenance team uncovered seven mortar bombs which were about 15 inches in length and 2 inches in width. The team found the devices after draining a section of the canal in preparation to start lock gate repairs at Lock number five.  The local police were contacted, who in turn alerted the bomb squad. After the suspicious devices had been x-rayed they were carefully removed from the canal bed and blown up  in a controlled explosion on a nearby field.

Read more here: Towpath Talk January 2012 Issue


Anonymous said...

Tried to read but can only get on page 1? x

Narrowboat Wife said...

Hi Christina
Sorry, click on the text link to January Towpath Talk and a window to Morton's Media opens up. Then there are arrows on the toolbar at the top to turn the pages and zoom in. :-)