Wednesday 4 July 2012

Happy Anniversary! (Pump My Bilge)

Today is a very special day for me. It is exactly twelve years since I found my true love.

Pump my bilge and cover my cratch
Sweep my scuppers and check my weed hatch
My prop shaft turns and my drive plate’s shaking
My fly wheel flies with the noise it’s making.

Easy now, just take it easy
You’ve made my stern gland moist and greasy
I think you’ll find on close inspection
We’ve got some kind of electric connection.

You’re a little rough on my rubbing strakes
At narrow bridges when you take
The corners at a crazy speed
Four miles an hour! There is no need.

But when I was moored up, you came and untied me
When I was unwanted, you had money to buy me
So now I’m back on the cut, with nothing to lose
My name is Emily Rose, and I’m licenced to cruise.

Peggy Melmoth © 2000

Read some of the highlights of my life with Emily Rose on the Boatshed Grand Union blog today.


Things Hand Made said...

Happy anniversary. Here's to the next 12 years!

Narrowboat Wife said...

Thank you! Woah, I hadn't thought whether I'll do another 12 years... strange thought. 24 years...?!

Penny P.S. and A Residence said...

I love that poem Peggy! The language is brilliant, really draws you into a boating world :) You and your boat are a complete inspiration :)

Narrowboat Wife said...

Thanks Penny. Yes, it is one of my best poems, a crowd pleaser when I was a performance poet (pre-kids)!