Monday 22 October 2012

A Day in the Life of a Narrowboat Wife

I recently had the chance to browse through Susannah Conway’s inspiring book, This I Know. Susannah’s blog, business and book were forged out of grief, and yet her words and Polaroid pictures are uplifting and beautiful. One exercise in the book suggests documenting one day in photographs. I took this as a way to appreciate the little things in life, the insignificant moments that pass you by. Had I not been documenting that day would I have chosen to walk a different way after the school run, and discover a farm with ponies? Would I have appreciated the pleasure of coffee in my favourite mug or the prettiness of bubbles when I washed the dishes? Probably not. (I hate washing the dishes!) Susannah says, don’t worry about being an amazing photographer, so I didn’t. I just snapped all these with my iPhone.

Please watch my slideshow and share a moment with me appreciating the little details of a narrowboat wife’s life. I would love to add music to this and future videos so any musicians out there who'd like to collaborate in return for links, get in touch :-)

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