Tuesday 12 February 2013

@BritMums Carnival goes watery and dreamy!

Take time to dream.
Welcome to the BritMums blog carnival: a collection of writing from other bloggers, loosely based around the theme of boats and water, or following dreams, because that's what my blog is about.  The idea is to grab a coffee and begin to read, drifting from blog to blog discovering new voices, ideas and dreams. If you read something you like, leave a comment and spread a little sunshine around the Internet today.

Maggy from Red Ted Art has written a post about making paper boats: Such a lovely idea, I think I would enjoy it as much as the kids. My five year old daughter suggested we write a message on one and send it out to sea, like a message in a bottle.  How to make a paper boat.

On her other site, also fitting in with my carnival theme is her Life of Pi review

Catherine writes picture book recommendations for little people near and far at Storysnug.com and recommends this pirate book. The Pirates Next Door. Matilda’s life in Dull-on-Sea is made much more exciting when The Jolley-Rogers move in next door while their pirate ship is being repaired!

And Jenny at The Gingerbread House has got a great craft idea for Valentines Day; Valentine Sun Catchers, and at her family blog Treading on Lego, she describes how to make a hand print Easter lamb.

Sarah at Mum of Three World took her family on a canal boat holiday, and enjoyed getting grubby and wearing a badge saying 'Lock Labourer'! She even found that boating made her talk to her husband more than she does in 'real life'. A lovely, funny post: Canal Boat Tales.

Sarah at Crewcutandnewt.com is a north Wiltshire mum drowning, or waving, she still hasn't found what she's looking for. She's written a heart-felt post of her family's search for a dream home near water, with countryside views, and stumbles across the history of an old lock keepers cottage. Beautiful writing.

And finally, the most watery, dreamy, canal-themed post of all from Alice, writer, traveller, dreamer and boater who blogs at Writings From the Wherever. In A Travelling Heart she asks herself 'What does travel mean to you?' She's also included a beautiful video in her post, of narrowboat travelling. 

Thanks to the lovely bloggers who have joined in today. It's been an evocative, watery journey visiting your writings! xx


Amy said...

Aww, yay! Sorry I didn't get anything to you, have been quite busy buying and selling boats! Amy

Narrowboat Wife said...

No worries. Glad to hear the buying/selling is going well! :-)

Catherine said...

Boats, water and following your dreams... Summer will soon be here and the boat will be back in the water. I wonder where it will take us this year? What adventures we will have?

SarahMummy said...

Thanks very much for including me :)

Narrowboat Wife said...

I'll be glad when summer gets here Marianne. Our diesel stove has been uncooperative this winter!

Mari's World said...

Thanks so much for hosting. I forget to write a dreamy watery post for you! I shall have to be more on the ball in future :)

Narrowboat Wife said...

Thanks Mari. It was really fun hosting this. There was some lovely writing going on :-)