Monday 25 March 2013

No more news from Boat Wife? Really?

If you're reading this in Google Reader then did you know that Google is closing down Google Reader on June 1st? If you don't use Google Reader it's an easy way to keep up with the blogs that you enjoy.

Act now!

If you still want to read blogs in a reader try swapping to Feedly instead. It' free - I'm just recommending it because Glen at Viperchill did, and he's really cool and knows stuff about blogging! Don't leave changing it until the end of May, swap readers now and forget about it. Sorted! I just did it, it was really quick and Feedly even went and grabbed all the blogs I usually read from my Google Reader.

What are you on about?

If you don't use Google Reader then you can stay in touch with me in other ways. If you subscribe to posts in the sidebar on the right you will get an email whenever I write something new. If you don't want to be inundated with emails create an email filter to sort your favourite blogs into a separate folder. That's what I do :-)

My inbox is overwhelming!

Yep, mine too. Perhaps you'd rather have the monthly round-up from Narrowboat Wife. The newsletter summarises what I've been up to, and if you join the list now you get a free eBook called 'Narrowboat Families.' Choose the html version to see the lovely pictures as I think the text version looks a bit weird.


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Alice said...

Oh dear... I was so happy to see this post as I rely entirely on Google Reader!!! so I went over to Feedly with a happy heart... but I am clearly completely useless with technology because I can't seem to make it work :-( I will endeavor to try again later!!!! (I certainly would not want to miss out on your posts :-) xxx

Narrowboat Wife said...

Glen at Viperchill also recommends Newsblur or Netvibes (links in his article, found through link in my post above). But hopefully Feedly will work as it seemed straightforward to me :-)