Wednesday 17 November 2010

Wish List

31st August

I thought that I wanted countryside, but it turns out that I wanted so much more*. I now want these things:

• Friends
• Neighbours
• A community
• A washing machine
• More storage space
• Enough electric to run a hoover
• Our own bedroom
• A place to write, (doesn’t have to be a room, just a cute writing desk or a bureau would be nice).
• I also still want an amazing view, like a field, or the sea.

So this is my wish list. It’s not a list of complaints, and I don’t know if it means that I want a bigger boat, or a house. When my friend recently made a ‘Vision Board’ to visualise her perfect flat, with a sea view, I affectionately, and secretly dismissed it as a nice yet whimsical hippy idea. However, when she updated me a week or so later that her dream flat by the sea has materialised, and within the low budget that she stipulated too, I was laughing on the other side of my cynical face. So I will think about asking for what I’d like, and see if I like what I get.

As the March Hare said to Alice,
`You might just as well say,' ... `that "I like what I get" is the same thing as "I get what I like"!'

Why do you want your home to move? I ask myself. Because there might always be something better around the next corner. “Explore. Dream. Discover.” In Roydon, we have arrived at A Better Place. It allows me to ‘look inwards’ and see that the mushroom vents leak when it rains.

*Incidentally, I have discovered another narrowboating blogging mum at So Much More.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, I hear you! I too sit and watch my mushroom vents leaking when it rains ;-) and after trudging to the laundrette and back with my tired daughter last week, I longed for a washing machine *humph* ... but, for me, nothing can beat that feeling that I'm just that little bit out of the world that so often leaves me feeling disillusioned. However, I am going to try this 'Vision Board' idea myself... we have our eye on a Quinta - for the future - in Portugal *sigh* x
PS. Thanks for the link!

Woollycraft Wonders said...

As an ex-boater all I can say is if you have a washing machine you have a wash pile and a house means more carpets to hoover and stuff to find room for. Best of luck. Its nice be reminded of life on the cut with kids :-)