Tuesday 31 May 2011

Mother's Little Helper

I’m breaking it off with Mick, a bit at a time. I’ve gone down to a half. I’m not taking the Jagger little pills to the new boat because I want a new start. I used to grind my teeth when I started taking them. Now I grind my teeth when I forget to take them. My short term memory is terrible lately and I’m blaming Mother’s Little Helper. I kept forgetting to look at the leaflet to see if memory loss is a side effect of Citalopram. Eventually I remembered to check: It is. It is what? My short term memory is terrible.

For me the withdrawal effects were nausea, teeth grinding and strange vivid dreams, but it varies for each individual. Some people have none.

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Alice said...

every break-up - especially a Mick-type-end - is hard to do... sending hugs and hoping you get your fresh new start x