Friday 23 March 2012

Do You Like Roses and Castles?

"Mummy, why did people paint my bedroom like people had it in the old days?"
"Well, because people sometimes like things to be how they were in the old days; it's nice isn't it, with the roses and castles and everything?"

The little girl sighs.
"Well, I am just bored of it now."
"Oh. Are you?"
"Yes. I just wish someone would paint it all pink, because I really like pink."
You can't fight the pink. Resistance is futile.


Amy said...

Aww, how sweet!
Silly grown-ups with their roses and castles. My next boat (fingers crossed) will have a back cabin where a canal family actually used to live, and if we ever have kids it will be their bedroom too. I wonder what they will think?

Live-aboard boater,
Narrowboat Lucky Duck

Narrowboat Wife said...

Yes that would be amazing; especially if you researched the history of the boat. If you found out the names of children who used to live in your boatman's cabin maybe your kids would find it interesting!

Nick Holt said...

Hi Peggy

We've a gorgeous 109 year old converted BCN day boat called 'Eileen' with a beautifully painted back cabin... the reaction from our 3 year old twin boys... 'Daddy, can we paint some trains over the flowers, lots of trains...?'


Nick blogging at:

Narrowboat Wife said...

Hi Nick
Great to 'meet' you, I always want to find more blogging narrowboating families as I only know two others!

I just followed you on Twitter and saw you also follow Leo Babauta; I love his Zen Habits blog (as do millions of others I believe!)

Do the boys sleep in the back cabin? Hopefully one day when our kids are grown up they might think roses and castles are cool!