Friday, 30 March 2012

Where is This Relationship Going?

I mean the relationship with my blog! 

I was surprised that Do You Like Roses and Castles? was quite popular. I had it in my notebook for a while as something funny that my daughter had said, and then realised it could be a blog post. It made me realise a post doesn't have to be a long clever pretty piece of writing, it can just be a snippet or a moment in time... I’ve got to take the pressure off myself! When I look back at my old posts I am very proud of them, I can see now that was good writing. But I think that when I started this blog I was driven by a terrible loneliness and discontentment; my blog allowed me to connect with the world and share the highs and lows of my narrowboat existence. 

These days I do not have the same urgency to jot down the intimate details of my daily life, I guess because I'm happier just living it. I could wake up and write about the glistening water and the serenity of the swans but it’s less cathartic than moaning about the distance to the launderette or the price of a new gearbox. 

So, where will my blog take me next?


Alice ~ writer, traveller, boater said...

ahhhh but I'm sure you also write beautifully about the glistening water and swans ;-) They are the joyful bits of narrowboat life! I for one am watching your blog's journey with interest! xxx

Peggy Melmoth said...

Aw thanks Alice. Next post: glistening swans coming up!

Wren said...

I just came across your blog today and am thoroughly fascinated. Thank you for sharing.

Peggy Melmoth said...

Thanks Wren: likewise. Just checked out your blog & like your reminiscences. :-)

Knackered Mother said...

Don't you dare stop! x