Tuesday 3 April 2012

Be Your Own Wish Friend.

Image credit: Paul Appleton
My four year old daughter has little wish friends: They make her wishes come true. There are at least sixteen of them, and more appear all the time. One is “bigger than the sun” and one is “smaller than a thread worm egg”.

Last week I decided to become my own little wish friend and make my wishes come true. I got a book from the library that claimed if I spent three hours answering ten key questions I could create a plan for my best year yet.  I’d say it took me more like three evenings, but that could be because I’m very wordy and wrote a lot when I was creating my master plan. (I also drank a little bit of red wine while I was making it.)  If you were reading in January you may notice that this completely contradicts my earlier post: the best goal is no goal.


Top Ten Goals
Finish writing book and synopsis. Find agent and publisher.
Have one article a week published by the end of the year.
Increase brand awareness and sales for my clients using social media.
Pass my driving test.
Improve relationship, feel closer together.
Create regular ‘me’ time for reading and blogging.
Make time to have fun with my daughters.
Take more care of my health.
Keep the boat tidier and cleaner.
Show my best friends and family that I care.

The back cover says, “You have a career that’s tailor made for you, your relationships are happy, your finances are under control and you have enough time to do the things you love.”

Can a book do all this for me? Can I do it for myself? Do I need to recruit some more little wish friends? Stay tuned and watch me have my Best Year Yet!

If you had just one wish for your best year yet what would it be?

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