Saturday, 1 September 2012

Top 5 Songs I Grew Up To

This week I’m joining in with Kate’s Listography Linky, which has a kind of September Back-to-School feel as she asks bloggers, what are the 5 songs you grew up with?

1.       The Shadows – Apache
I love this still. It reminds me of living in a bungalow in a Devon village by the sea in the 1970’s. It’s Sunday and we’ve been for a walk with my dad across the fields. He casually chewed on a piece of grass as he walked; my brother and I did the same. We thought it looked cool. When we get home my Dad has a gin and tonic. My brother and I had a children’s version; tonic water with ice and a slice.

2.       Hot Butter – Popcorn
In the bungalow, in my bedroom, playing this vinyl 7” single over and over on a portable record player that folded up into its own box-shaped case. I would be younger than seven. I thought this electronic pop tune sounded hilarious.

3.       Adam and the Ants – Stand and Deliver
That’s the song that came up when I thought back to junior school. A singer who dressed as a dandy  highwayman – what could be cooler? I remember him swinging on a rope and crashing through windows in one of his videos. My older cousin put a white stripe on her nose and wore it in the playground.

4.       Bucks Fizz – Making Your Mind Up
I had the Bucks Fizz album and knew all the words. Me and my best friend made up dance routines to Bucks Fizz songs and then later, Bangles songs.

5.       My teenage years took me from Wham through Bros and anything you’d find on Now That’s What I Call Music Volume 1. But as I was leaving school there is one song that remained with me as something I really love. Dee-Lite –Groove is in the Heart. There she is in her psychedelic coloured cat suit on a TV in the corner of Charlie’s wine bar. I’m drinking Southern Comfort and lemonade or Rum and Coke. I feel incredibly grown up and I fancy boys from the local public school.

I used to have a friend who was a sound engineer. He said, songs are like desktop icons to old memories.

What are the songs you grew up to? Check out the other entries in the linky.

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