Monday, 17 September 2012

When Wishes Come True

On 31st August 2010 I wished for nine simple things, that I wanted to bring into my life.
• Friends
• Neighbours
• A community
• A washing machine
• More storage space
• Enough electric to run a hoover
• Our own bedroom
• A place to write, (doesn’t have to be a room, just a cute writing desk or a bureau would be nice).
• I also still want an amazing view, like a field, or the sea.

Do you know what? They have all come true. It’s the power of the mind that manifests my reality. First wish (think), then do. Now I have a new wish list.

To finish writing my book.
To have my book published.
To be earning more than enough money, so we don’t have to worry anymore.
To pass my driving test.
To have regular time to be alone reading or writing for fun.
To drink less alcohol.
To have a cute writing desk or a bureau in my bedroom. 

I can't complain about not having a cool place to write though. You will see from the picture that our dining table where I write is very nice. But if the kids are home and there's stuff going on in the living room then imagine having the luxury of a second office, in the corner of my bedroom!

Come back and visit this  blog in two years and I'll tell you if I've ticked these wishes off the new list.
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