Wednesday 30 January 2013

Join the @BritMums Carnival!

Follow your dreams
On 12th February the BritMums Blog Carnival is coming over to my place! Every two weeks a different parent blogger "hosts" the carnival. Bloggers submit posts from the past month. I thought I'd do a loose theme of canals, boats and water, and/or following dreams, because that's what my blog is about. But if you don't have anything that fits that then send whatever you like. (But you do have a dream to follow don't you...?) :-)

All the rules are here The BritMums Carnival.

Please send me,
1) Your name
2) The name of your blog
3) The url of your chosen post

Before Sunday 10th February. Contact Peggy.

Thank you! 



Sarahmumof3 said...

sorry for the serial comments suddenly! I will most deffinately be joining you, I need a prompt like this to get me to write my actions and dreams down xxx

Narrowboat Wife said...

Great. I think it's going to be lovely to read about everybody's dreams :-)

Amy said...

Are non-mums allowed to join in too?

Narrowboat Wife said...

Yes, the idea comes from the BritMums blogging community, but the intention is for everyone to discover new blogs so please do join in Amy. Your blog will be perfect for the theme! x

SarahMummy said...

Agh! I'm late! I'd love to take part as I went on holiday on my MIL's canal boat last year and wrote a few posts on it. I'm Sarah, my blog is MumofThree World and the URL of one of my posts is You can contact me on twitter at @sarahMo3W

Narrowboat Wife said...

You are in! Carnival goes live 10am tomorrow! x