Wednesday 1 September 2010

Amateur boaters run amok

Saturday 10th July

Baby Sister wakes up, surveys her domain and roars with toothy happiness. She sees sunshine water reflections rippling on the tongue and groove wood panelled ceiling of the boat cabin. An all women rowing team accidentally batter the hull with oars as they pass. I peep out of the window in mild indignation. Amateur boaters run amok at Lea Valley Boat Centre.

It’s a hot day. I’m totally busy all morning with kids and housework. The Doctor took the girls out in the afternoon for a walk. I caught up on emails and administration. I printed some pictures for Big Sister’s bedroom. She now wants family photos blu-tacked to the cupboard doors, instead of CBeebies characters. We had a lovely family dinner in the beer garden of The Crown. Both kids were late to bed, there was lots of crying. Adults were in bed by 9.30pm.

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