Saturday 11 September 2010

Life on the River Stort

Monday 19th July

I begin online research to find a nursery place for Big Sister in Islington. This is assuming that we can get a winter mooring in Angel, this year. It seems to get more popular and therefore more difficult to get a mooring place each year. It is kind of our ‘home’ mooring as our GP, childminder, friends and work are all there.

This afternoon the whole family went for a reconnaissance up the Stort on foot, to see where we’d like to moor next. We discovered a bright golden wheat field against a vast back drop of pure blue sky. It’s impossible to describe with words how stunning it is, so perhaps I should return to painting instead. We see blue damsel flies darting around above waist-high nettles on our way home, and later that night I spy half a moon peeping at me above the silent silhouettes of the dark trees on the towpath.


A two hour battle with London transport to get home is totally worth it to see dappled sunlight shining through woodland onto my boat as I arrive at my destination. The water reflects a leafy serenity. The girls and I went to London to meet up with a group of my Islington mummy friends. Our picnic was rained off so we ended up in a child friendly pub. Later in a rain soaked park, my friend asked me how I’m finding it with two children on the boat now, and I burst into tears.


I dreamed I fell asleep in the bath, then I dreamed I put the baby’s fleece on the hob when boiling the kettle, and then I dreamed that I was telling The Doctor that I’m so tired. So now I’m dreaming about how tired I am! I woke up, fed the baby and went off to Big Sister’s room to try to catch up on sleep. But it’s hard to sleep when I can hear the children playing in the room next door, and there’s not even a door between us, just a few feet of boat corridor.

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