Monday 27 September 2010

You Are My Sunshine

Tuesday 3rd August

Got up, got everybody breakfast, got baby sister dressed, got big sister dressed in pants, dress and cardigan. I return to the living room. A moment later, big sister comes out of the bedroom completely naked. Sunshine is streaming in through the window and reflecting sunny river ripples on to the tongue and groove ceiling. She dances naked around the living room to the tune of “You Are My Sunshine” playing on the stereo. Golden sunshine ripples around the boat and through my heart.

The Doctor has just gone to ‘work’ in his new ‘job’ as a writer. I use inverted comma’s not to devalue his work but to indicate that as yet, the job is unpaid! He left our heavenly field on a bicycle and cycled up the towpath towards his new ‘office’ (Harlow Library). Today I am a ‘homemaker’, but I also imagine myself like the legendary single mum, J.K Rowling, who allegedly snatched moments to write in cafes, while her toddler slept. There are occasionally, magical, miraculous in-betweeny moments when both my children are napping at the same time for half an hour. Then, if I’m not cleaning the bathroom or washing the dishes I satisfy my relentless urge to tumble words out of my head and describe the chaotic beauty of the world I see around me.

A Poet Finds Delight

A poet finds delight
In the empty sky at night
The stars don't shine they glitter
The birds don't sing they twitter
The sun don't beam it radiates
The rain don't rain it contemplates
The worms that wriggle
When bluebells giggle
And rinses out our yesterdays
To make room for tomorrow
The city’s a hive of activity
Of multicultural intensity
And humans contain astounding extremes
Of venomous lies and heavenly dreams
These are fractions of fiction and things still unwritten
And writings a bug that has to be bitten
If you can never completely describe it, you know it
You know you are thinking a bit like a poet!

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