Saturday 8 January 2011


29th October

Everything changes. The snack van in the meadow near Broxbourne has become a porta-cabin cafe. We went to the park and did some shopping in the village shop. Big sister remembers and recognises the holly bush and the ancient church. The miserable monologue is getting the better of me, so I phoned the Fairytale Princess. My phone is drying out but some of the buttons still don’t work. The Doctor said I shouldn’t use it. She said,
“When you’re in Angel you’re happy. Every spring you say, we’re gonna go travelling for summer and it will be brilliant. But then you’re lonely.”
She’s right. Children have changed my priorities. I think I’m ready for a house.

My true love has been with me
For ten years of my life
And I was a devoted
Narrow-boating wife
My true love gave me freedom
And showed me England’s sights
A flight of locks at Tring
That took me up to dizzy heights
The Pontcysyllte aqueduct
Spanning valleys down below
The coloured bustle Camden
Angel, frozen in the snow
The dripping Blisworth tunnel
Haunts our early courting days
A picnic lake at Ricky
Is where we got engaged
To announce intent to marry
We had to settle down
Two weeks in Uxbridge boat yard
Spent hard-standing on the ground...

To be continued...

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