Friday 14 January 2011

Guilty Pleasure

Monday 20th September

I met The Mellow Mum at a huge chain pub in Burnt Mill Lane. It’s sitting pretty on the River Stort among water fowl, narrowboats and willow trees, just next to Burnt Mill lock. I’ve never seen such a massive barn of family friendly, affordable food combined with children’s entertainment. Cosy beams, panelled wood and mellow lighting with great views of the river. In the basement, soft play is a guilty pleasure of the middle class parent; you hate the chav-itational pull of The Moorhen pub, but enjoy the lunch, coffee, cake or wine while the children clamber up ramps and slide down into the ball pool giggling. There are even TVs beside some tables, showing CBeebies. The pub is huge, on three levels with a large garden and outdoor seating, tables, climbing frames and other playground stuff.

Big Sister runs off to play with The Mellow Daughter and The Cute Mellow Baby sleeps in her pram. My baby laughs and makes a mess in the high chair and on the floor. The Mellow Mum has had a sore throat for weeks and weeks that her GP has said will go away.
“My friend had that,” I said authoritatively. “You should go back and say you want to see a specialist. That’s what my friend did. I can’t remember what it turned out to be now, but it was something, and they managed to fix it anyway.”
Big Sister has done a wee in the ball pool.

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