Wednesday 27 July 2011

A Million Moments of Closeness

This morning I read a blog post that made me ponder whether blogging can be a kind of self help? The writer had found blogging when depressed to be a cathartic and therapeutic experience. She said that writing about her feelings instead of internalising them was liberating. Readers’ comments said that her post was heart-warming. Another comment explored the possibility that blogging is the new praying, and that if you write for what you wish for then it sometimes comes true. I am a big fan of blog therapy. I have just blogged myself through a year of depression, anti-depressants and bereavement. I managed to still turn that into something cheerful by singing ‘Mothers Little Helper’ to myself and writing about Mick Jagger being my imaginary friend. Getting positive feedback on my writing has given me the confidence to try freelancing. I recently went to a huge parent blogging conference and so I would say that blogging has changed my life!
Research shows that the relative anonymity of writing and networking online allows us to feel safe sharing our feelings. Because of this, new online friendships can sometimes develop faster than friendships in real life. Skype, Facebook, Twitter, texts, emails and instant messages allow us to communicate quickly and frequently making it easier to maintain relationships, both old and new, therefore increasing intimacy.
Sharing your thoughts, feelings and life experiences by using words and pictures on line can make us feel more connected to our social circles and peers. Blog sites and websites like Facebook give us the opportunity to comment on and discuss shared photos and receiving responses in this way is another closeness essential. Discussions sparked in this way can feel like an online version of a banter in the local pub, catching up with friends and building intimacy without even leaving your home.
NIVEA are celebrating the closeness that 21st century technology provides with their A Million Moments of Closeness campaign. You can upload a photo of you sharing a cosy moment with a friend, colleague, sibling, partner, parent or child at, or look out for the road shows, throughout the UK, where the two of you can jump into a photo booth and have your picture instantly uploaded. Whether you share your photos on Facebook or at the road show, you’re in with the chance to win - every day, a picture of the day will be selected by psychologist Professor Geoff Beattie The winner will receive one of 100 prizes worth £100.
Do you agree that technology has made us closer than ever? Share your views and join the Feel Closer debate at Have you ever revealed something in an email, a text or a blog post that you never would have done in person? Is the internet a good way of staying close to loved ones, or does it simply give us an excuse not to actually meet up in person? Is sending a brief text thoughtful and intimate, or a way of evading real-life interaction?  Have your say - and let’s find out how intimate we can really be on Facebook! Check out a million moments of closeness.

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