Thursday 14 July 2011

Uxbridge Lock: Watercolour

Uxbridge Lock

Welcome to the grand opening of my online Arts and Crafts shop!

I painted this small watercolour in 2002 and sold it to The Marine Engineer and The Original Boatwife. who were moored near to me in Uxbridge at the time. I have done very few canal related paintings so this one is quite rare. I love the vibrant colours and the memories that it evokes of all the lovely boaty friends that I had in the area. Uxbridge is a town on the north west outskirts of London and has a real community of narrowboaters, both permanently moored and those passing through.

An 8" x 6" canvas print of this painting is small enough to hang in any narrowboat, or could fill a niche in the house of someone who just loves the waterways. Like all good paintings it is a conversation starter, perhaps igniting discussions of lazy days by canals and the fact that you stumbled upon it quite by accident while reading The Real Life of a Narrowboat Wife.

"When I saw this image I was really struck by it. It struck a chord with me because I like the great outdoors, especially trees and water. So combining the two was like visual catnip to me! I immediately wanted to have it and put it on my wall so that I could look at it and be transported. I also got it as a present for the room a visitor was staying in, and they remarked on it straightaway. I just knew they would like it too - and I was right!" Patrick, London

Be first! At the moment there are only a handful of these canvas prints in existence. If you'd like a little window into my world on your wall this is the painting you are looking for.

Buy The Canvas Print of Uxbridge Lock Now.

Please place an order by email, to contact the artist personally and arrange to pay by Paypal or cheque.

'Uxbridge Lock' Canvas Print 08" x 06" (1" deep) Only £35.00 including P&P.


Matte cotton canvas
Reflective wrap (the print wraps around the edge)
Lacquer surface protection
Wire hanging fixture

Optional Gift Wrap:

Plain, birthday or Christmas gift wrap: £4.99

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