Wednesday 14 September 2011

Cancer - my friend's story

I have recently been enjoying a blog called Typecast. It is written by Nickie O'Hara - wife to one, Mum to three and Nana to two (yes, really!). 

Because of her own family's experience with Cancer, and because Cancer is sometimes such a taboo subject, she has started a guest posting series about "your experiences with Cancer" - whether that be your own diagnosis, the struggle with coping with the diagnosis of a family member, the loss of someone to this cruel disease and also some experiences about survival of Cancer.

Nickie's website is a Wikio top 10 parent blog, the Tots 100 top parent blog and she is one of the most influential parent bloggers on Twitter. She is also on a panel at the Save The Children free blogging conference this weekend. I am honoured to be guest posting on her blog today as part of the Cancer series.

Thanks Nickie.

Read my guest post here.

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