Wednesday 21 September 2011

Free eBook: Narrowboat Families

It's finally here! The brand new ebook, Narrowboat Families. So what does everybody think of it so far? The following writers and media peeps have had a sneak preview.

"I love the way that you describe life on the waterways in such a perfectly poetic way - my favourite kind of Narrowboat Wife writing! I think this ebook gives a wonderful insight into boating life, perfect for any family (or individual) who is curious about what it's really like. The addition of interviews with other boaters gives an even broader understanding of life aboard."
Alice Griffin, author, columnist, travel writer.

"May I say what a fascinating ebook! I read it through 'cause it was so interesting. I am not slightly boaty at all but you almost had me convinced to get on the cut!"

"Peggy's book is a great insight into life as a narrowboater with a no holds barred honest approach with not just the good bits but including two year olds on gangplanks, noisy geese, toilet troubles and all!"
Hulya Erdal Chef/Writer/PR

"What a beautiful tale of your everyday life.  None of the fantasy, just all of the nitty gritty but still romantically beautiful...  I read it all in one sitting and my cup of tea went cold!"

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Already got it?
What did you think? Leave me a comment below. What would you like to see in a bigger, better, extended version of this book? More interviews? More articles? More pictures? What questions were left unanswered?


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