Monday 5 September 2011

Newsletter News Flash

Draft book cover
Good afternoon. And here is the news. If you have signed up for the new narrowboat wife newsletter thank you! But it will be no news to you that there has been no news as of yet. The reasons for this are mainly,

1) The mailing list provider software website RSS feed thingy is more difficult to set up than I first thought.
2) I am concentrating on spending time looking for new clients for my secretarial business and new writing commissions.
3) I haven't finished creating the book cover for Narrowboat Families.

The good news is, the Narrowboat Families ebook is nearly ready, and I have recently had an article published in my favourite newspaper Towpath Talk. It's called 'Back to School' and takes a look at the learning opportunities available at the London Canal Museum (my favourite museum!).

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