Wednesday 6 June 2012

Introducing The Little Wish Friends

A bedroom with flowers and castles.
My daughter has little wish friends; lots of them. One is bigger than the sun. One is smaller than a threadworm egg. They sleep beside her in bed and she says they help her to be a good girl.
“One of my little wish friends is called Alfie, and he knows everything in the whole world so he is even more gooder than  me.”
New wish friends are introduced all the time. There is an invisible dog called Frank and he is on a very long lead. She also has an invisible cat called Safety Cat, who can go in the canal and swim underwater.
“I wish I had an invisible cat.”
“You can share mine,” she said.
One evening, after her bedtime story I said,
“I’ll leave the fairy lights on so the fairies can see their way in here.”
My daughter gasped and looked over my shoulder.
“Here they come now! Some of my little wish friends are a family of fairies. The little boy is called Frankie, the little girl is called Poppy, the mum is called Pippa and the dad is called Joshua.”
“Oh! I thought the fairies didn’t come until after you were asleep.”
“No, they come before I am asleep so they can look after me.”
The next morning I asked her if her little wish friends had looked after her that night.
“Yes, my little wish friends do two things. They look after me, and they also make my wishes come true.”
“What do you wish for?”
“Well, I wished for a bedroom like mine with flowers and castles, and I wished for a lovely mum like you and a lovely dad like Daddy and all of my wishes came true!”
“Can I have some little wish friends?”
“No. They are just for four year olds.”
“Where did you get them?”
“In a charity shop.” She pauses, and then whispers, “Can I tell you a secret? They are just pretend. If you dream them tonight then tomorrow you will have little wish friends. 

What would you wish for?


Penny P.S. and A Residence said...

That's such a lovely thing. I am going to tell my 5 year old about these and wish for some myself too!

Things Hand Made said...

I lost track of all my little ones friends! It was when some of the friends started having their own imaginary friends! It was lovely to know that wherever he went there were lots of friends following him. Like a cloud of butterflies

Narrowboat Wife said...

They had their own imaginary friends too? that's brilliant! And "like a cloud of butterflies" is a beautiful image. My youngest (2) has now copied her sister by also saying she has wish friends. She blames them for any naughty things that happen! "It wasn't me it was my little wish friends..."