Saturday, 2 June 2012


Writing is not normally a problem for me. I write a lot, and when I start I can't stop. But words fail me when I think of what is happening in Syria. I'm only one small person and sometimes it's easy to feel powerless faced with things you wish you could change. But I do have one small blog which is a "voice" on the internet. 

So I will say this. Last week 49 babies, toddlers and children were killed in Houla. 

On 1st June the UK parent blogging community united to call for action in Syria. After I read about it I wanted to add my voice.

Add your voice. 

Join the protest at The Syrian Embassy in London on Sunday 10th June 12 - 2pm.

So far 84 parent bloggers have added their voices by blogging about this. If you want more details of what is happening there try reading Luci's post at Mother.Wife.Me. It moved me to tears. I tried to hide them from my own small children who sat near me, safe in our home.

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