Monday 11 June 2012

Is There Anybody There?

Abusy bee (Image credit: Marilyn Jane)

I am currently out of the office. Well I haven't got an office. I'm out of my blog. I am such a lucky girl because I've got too much work to do for my clients; but also if I don't spend some time studying my driving theory I will never pass that ole theory test.

So while I am out of my tree away from this blog I hope you will stop by and visit me in the other places I hang out and write on the internet:

Boatshed Grand Union - a blog about all things canal and boaty.
Canal Voyagers - a blog about places to visit on the canals and lovely things to see and do while on a hotel boat.
Boatshed Essex - The only way is Boatshed Essex - a blog about boating and sailing in Essex, check it out.
NCBA - The National Community Boating Association is my newest client; find out about community boating on the canals and more. - my own business blog about freelance writing, social media, business blogging and so on.

Back soon. Byeeee!

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