Monday 23 August 2010

“Actually Daddy, I want the moon now.”

Thursday 24th June

Every morning Big Sister comes into the living room and plays on our bed while The Doctor gets breakfast ready and I change Baby Sister’s nappy. Big Sister was listening to Hey Diddle Diddle on her PlayBus toy and she wants her cuddly cow shaped pencil case.
“The Cow Jumps Over The Moon!” I get the cow for her.
“Now actually Daddy, I want the moon.”
“I thought you were going to say that!” He smiles. He says he will get it for her.

Today I had two days worth of dishes to do, it took me ages, but I noticed myself singing as I did them. I was happy as I swept the floor! I was uninterrupted as I tidied up, put away the laundry, changed the water jug filter. Today I did one thing at a time. It made me much calmer.

Today The Doctor took the day off work and entertained the children while I caught up on housework. He looked after Baby Sister while I took Big Sister out for a walk; quality time together, dolly and pushchair up the towpath and back. Then while the baby had her big lunch time nap, The Doctor and Big Sister went swimming – I was completely alone for two hours (alone with a sleeping baby). The mental head space was so clear, sun shining, all doors and windows of the boat open, I’m listening to The Beatles all day. I noticed that today I enjoyed my life, and by this observation noted that I am apparently not enjoying a lot of the other days. Something must be done about this. Although it has something to do with sleep. I am waking twice a night at the moment, for either one girl or the other.

Big sister sometimes sings “We all live in a blue narrowboat,” to the tune of Yellow Submarine, and she thinks The Doctor has recently been to see “Prawn McCartney”. As soon as Baby sister is old enough I need to also go to a gig to see The Beatle, before he dies. I cannot live with The Doctor for the next few decades and hear about actually seeing those songs played live, seeing the man who wrote those great masterpieces. Although i don’t listen to them all that much if I had to pick my best and favourite band ever in the world, it would have to be The Beatles.

The Doctor is good at picking and playing and singing acoustic guitar. He is beautifully playing ‘So Tired’ and then ‘Blackbird’ acoustically into the night, while the baby sleeps in a hammock in the kitchen, and I gently type my life into a computer.

The Beatles (The White Album)

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