Thursday 5 August 2010

Rudely interrupted

Sunday 6th June

A good day in the park, with friends; people with children. Sandpit, paddling pool, Big Sister was happy all day. So I was too. Out of the boat I cannot see the laundry and the dishes that I’m not doing. Is this the answer? Get out more? Do less laundry and dishes?

Sunday tea time we were running the engine to charge the batteries. We do that most evenings, unless it has been a particularly good day for the solar panel. I was spoon-feeding Baby sister at the table when a teenager knocks on the window. He has a mini motorbike, about two foot high. He signals for me to open the window to talk.

“Have you got some petrol?”

No, we run on diesel. (Can’t he see I am feeding a baby?)

“Well can I borrow some? Just to get somewhere?”

Well how can I get it out? We’re running the engine! (Doesn’t he realise I am in the privacy of my own home, looking after my children?)

“Oh right, Ok.” He leaves.

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