Thursday 5 August 2010

Little Venice Tourist Information

Saturday 5th June.

Big Sister and The Doctor are talking about The Jungle Book Disney film. The Doctor explains that Mowgli lives in India.

“Does he live with my uncle?” asks Big Sister. (My brother spends half the year in Goa.)

Little Venice Tourist Information:

I’m doing the dishes and a man peeps through the window and asks, which direction to Camden? There is a sign post behind him, ‘Camden 2 1/2 miles’. Later, I’m pegging out the washing, a group of teenage girls ask,

“Where is the boat trip to the zoo?”

Just past the bridge on the right.

“Is it far? Do you think we will make it in time? When does it go?”

I think they go regularly.

People think I am local here. The irony being that as I live on a narrowboat and move every two weeks I am never really local anywhere.

I did a laundry load today while The Doctor took the girls to the park. It took about one hour from start, to pegged out; much quicker than yesterday. Perhaps multi-tasking is not the way forward?

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