Wednesday 25 August 2010

Ask Myself Questions

Ask Myself Questions

Friday 2nd July

It is a sort of anniversary, four years since we got engaged to be married. The whole family had a good night’s sleep and I feel much better for it. I am slightly less paranoid and a lot less miserable. Last night the baby screamed for an hour at bedtime, I think I breast fed her to sleep. The Doctor made a lovely curry and we watched some sit coms. I told him that I loved him and I felt like our family is a nice neat jigsaw of four pieces, inseparable and stable forever.

I have so many questions mulling over in my mind.

When and how should I restart my hypnotherapy business?
How will I ever find time to clean and tidy the boat so it looks like a family home?
Which writing project should I begin first?
Article marketing for hypnotherapy? Prepare a synopsis to present The Secret Diary of a Hypno-Mum to a publisher?
I should have some spare time this month as the Doctor will be sharing the childcare. Should I try to get my driving theory test done? Then I would be one step closer to independence.
How can I organise my work and finances to feel stable, secure? If I had a driving licence I could visit friends more and be less isolated. I just don’t know how to take the double pushchair on an escalator so I avoid the tubes altogether since I’ve had the baby.

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