Friday 18 February 2011

Angel, Islington

Recently, Not A Notting Hill Mum commented that she'd like to see more pictures on my blog. This is a very good idea, as my life is very scenic and there's plenty to take pictures of, and I bet y'all want to see what it's like inside a narrowboat too! Generally, people on the towpath like to sneakily peer in to our windows if they can ;-)
So, this morning I took another leap into overcoming my techno-phobia and worked out how to send a picture directly from my mobile phone to my blog! How 21st century am I?! This is the Islington tunnel where we sometimes moor.
The next stage in me getting to grips with the digital age is going to be (gulp) joining Twitter. Yep, I don't even tweet yet. But British Mummy Bloggers tell me it's the thing to do.

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