Friday, 11 February 2011

This is me Boat Wife

This is the first time I have commissioned a piece of work direct from the artist. The artist is three years old and the negotiations went something like this;
"Would you like to draw a picture of me?"
"No, actually because I am just busy, colouring."
"Ok. Maybe after you have finished colouring, you could draw a picture of me and then I would give you a chocolate cup cake with a smartie on top."
She finishes colouring and does the quick scribble abstract piece you see here.
"Is that me? Is that what I look like?"
"Yes!" said the artist proudly. "It is you as a MONKEY!"
"Where are my eyes?" I asked. She grins and shrugs. "Monkeys don't have eyes. Can I have my cake now?"

This idea came from Sticky Fingers blog.

Ask your child - their age doesn't matter - to draw a picture of you.

Post it on your blog.

Let's call it the This is Me Meme

Pass it on to your friends if you want to. Have a look at the other pics, they are great! :-)
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