Tuesday 15 February 2011

Moving On

21st January

Mr Too-Friendly is always hanging out on his back deck waiting for someone to talk to. His back deck is outside my kitchen window. He told me he went to see Johnny Boater’s band play last night.
“They were quite good.”
I told him the nearest laundrette doesn’t do service washes and gave him directions to the one that does.
“I mean, for the price of a beer, you know, and then you don’t have to sit in a launderette for two hours.”
“I like your thinking,” he muses.
On the towpath I met The Sound Engineer. Years ago we worked together in a recording studio. I bought my first boat. He loved the idea, he said,
“I might get one of those one day.”
Now he’s moored down at The Narrowboat pub.
“We’ve been there a while, we like it round here. We were all at Vicky Park, loads of us. And they did a big clear out, gave everyone tickets and moved everyone on.”

The Narrowboat Pub

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