Monday 25 June 2012

Choose Your Wish Friends Wisely

Imagine if you had a kind of dream team to help you organise and plan your life. Just for fun, picture a board room table with a bunch of people sat around it. You are standing at thefront of the room with a flip chart, a chalk board or a projector showing avery slick Powerpoint presentation about the way your life should go. In thisdream you are confident and comfortable standing at the front of the roombecause all of the board members are your friends: your little wish friends. So who have you invited to the meeting? Who is influential in your life?

No doubt there are your closest family members and friends; the people that love you. But consider also that there are the celebrities, musicians and writers that you admire. Put famouspeople dead or alive around the table and watch your dream team develop into something quite impressive. Then there are the less famous people; anacquaintance or colleague that you admire, a blogger that you follow on line.All of these people are providing suggestions to your subconscious mind. Someof them are teaching you; setting an example by the way they live their lives.Some of them unwittingly may have given you negative suggestions. “You’ll neverbe good at… (insert talent here).” “It’s not possible for you to achieve…(insert dream here)” You may find that sometimes it’s you coming up with thenegative suggestions.

Beliefs that have been formedabout the nature of reality are stored in the subconscious mind and affect yourconscious thought processes and behaviour patterns. This can happen without theawareness of your conscious mind.

You can’t throw people off the board simply because not all of their ideas are good. But check your flipcharts, flow charts and diagrams. Did somebody else’s ideas get into your plan,without a fair vote from the board?

These are just some ideas I’m mulling over while I’m writing my e-course about making a wish come true. At my table I have my husband and children, friends and family, mum bloggers,entrepreneurs, narrowboaters, writers, musicians and philosophers. You may notice The Beatles are there, sitting between Kahlil Gibran and William Shakespeare.

Who’s at your table?

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Things Hand Made said...

Just stumbled onto your blog while I am supposed to be working. It has brightened my day. I live in a dull house with 3 kids and keep moaning to the other half that there must be other ways to live. I am not sure a narrowboat is the way for me but you have reminded me to keep looking.

If you get anywhere near Tewkesbury, let me know!

Narrowboat Wife said...

Glad you like it :-) Tewkesbury is a bit far for us by canal as we're on the Grand Union...
But keep looking, I believe in following your dreams. Where did you dream of living when you were a child? Mine was a gypsy caravan!