Thursday 12 August 2010

‘Controlled Crying’ on board.

Tuesday 15th June

People say with the second one you let them cry more, and this is true; during the day time. But in the evenings on our boat we rock and soothe our youngest to sleep, with patience and lullabies, trying to curb the crying so that she doesn’t keep our eldest awake. Big sister is only a few feet away in her bedroom at the front of the boat. The baby hammock is suspended above the sofa while I read bedtime stories to Big sister and The Doctor cooks dinner in the kitchen. When dinner is ready we lift the hammock, baby and all into the kitchen and hang her in there for the evening. Kitchen light off, we then move dinner into the living room and eat on our laps on the sofa. Sometimes she is asleep by this point, and sometimes not.

I feel calmer, happier now that I’m seeing brand new friend Barge Mum nearly every day. So maybe my problem was loneliness?


Madison said...

A baby hammock? Interesting concept. Will be going through your blog to try and find a picture of it.

Madison xxx

Narrowboat Wife said...

It's the Amby Hammock. I really recommend it!